Another PSA gone wrong, from Tales of a 21st Century Something or Other

17 Feb

Humble, and not so humble reader alike, I think it’s time we discuss a very important issue. An issue far more important then toe cleavage and 80’s montages combined. We mean business today, folks.

Like with most issues of the day, nothing’s exactly black and white. Sometimes they’re fuchsia. Mmmm fuchsia, clearly one of the loveliest of nail polish colours known to man kind. And today’s topic of PSA is no exception.


If I could file a claim against any type of clothing, leggings would definitely be in my top three. Fraud, anyone? I’ll admit it, with a tunic or a long cardigan or the combination they can look awesome. But come on, unless you have the toush of Aphrodite or Venus or maybe Wonder Woman, please, I beg of you to have mercy on all of those around you and cover it on up. Not only can they be immensely unflattering, especially teamed with a crop top – seriously society, what up? but have you seen some of the prints they come in now?

If you want jeans buy jeans, okay? These aren’t jeans. They’re leggings. I know, I know, you’ve been doing those extra yogalates classes, and that time on the treadmill is really showing so I get that you want to flaunt that hot bod’ you’re rocking – I’d be tempted to do the same but come on, unless you want to be the punchline in everyone of your friends jokes for the next ten years put on some pants. REAL pants.

Oh and and don’t get me started on these “pants” with leopard/floral/snake skin/etc; prints nor their wet look brethren. I still cannot and refuse to even attempt to fathom them.


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