It’s like Judge Judy…but with killer heels.

12 Mar

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I ask you, are these boots – these thigh high and not to mention sky high boots, guilty of trashiness in the first degree? Or is it merely just an accomplice to heinous crimes such as these.

Evidence: A

May the jury also note that these thigh-highs have also been teamed with a leather (looking) mini dress…or is it rubber? No it’s leather…I think. On a side note, this dress is facing a possible charge of fraud as well as aggravated assault.

Evidence B:

At this time the prosecution has decided to remove this from evidence as they’re not sure if these are boots or are in fact the after math of elective surgery to become a futuristic Mummy/other bizarre creature/possibly in the next James Cameron movie.

Has the jury reached a verdict?


One Response to “It’s like Judge Judy…but with killer heels.”

  1. Rosie March 12, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    Guilty as charged……..

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