I should totally get into PR and junk…

14 Mar

I don’t mean to over dramatize this but the greatest thing to happen to television, nay mankind is now just around the corner. That’s right folks, the premiere of Jersey Shore here in Australia. Just because the show that gave us all a reason to believe again, if only in the mankind is undoubtedly doomed and there is no such thing as a lovely shade of oompa loompa, has been done and dusted in the US for a while now (though I’ve heard they are filming Season 2 now!), it doesn’t mean those kids from the shore that is Jersey aren’t thinking about their options. We’re talking endorsements, spin offs and a vat of mystic tanner. Here are a few of my own personal suggestions:

1. Video Games

A slew of “celebrities” and yes I use that word loosely, almost as loose as Paris Hilton – is that joke even still relevant? have in recent years forayed their way into the world of video games (On a side note, why did no one have the courtesy to tell me Britney Spears had a game? Seriously guys, come on) so why should these crazy kids be left out of the mix? I’m thinking “Assassins Guid” (For those of you playing at home, yes, I just did make an Assassins Creed reference. My boyfriend will be so proud) where you play as either Snooki or the Situation and are on a quest to gather tanning lotion and the who’s who of STIs. Special powers may or may not include fist pumping.

2. Birth Control

The say abstinence is the best form of birth control. And with images like this, well what can you say? Except for a VERY clear ‘No, Stay away from me you freak’?

3. Ed Hardy Spokes Models

(See picture above)

4. Lindsay Lohan Entourage

Serial tanner best friends fo’ ever! A pool full of tanning lotion for LiLo and her Jersian best pals to swim in. It’s an orangey heaven – I’d imagine.


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