I’m bored. Want to pick on more mythical creatures? Well…yeah.

13 Sep

Centaurs, who the hell do you think you are? Sure, you can probably make more at the tracks than most of us could make in a year but seriously, make up your mind do you want to be a My Little Pony or a person? It’s this kind of indecisive thinking that led to the meltdown of the economy.

They’re origin is believed to be that this one time, in this place some guys saw some other guys riding horses from REALLY far away and thought “Hey, that’s a Dude-Horse-Thing!” which while it’s not that exciting and makes mankind sound like it has the intelligence of Miley Cyrus or a rock it’s certainly better than how people thought the Minotaur came into being.

Just a pick a team and stick to it okay? If you want to be horses, that’s fine. Just PICK A SIDE. On a somewhat related note (through marriage, not blood okay – I don’t want this sentence to be an inbred version of the one before it. That does go for language as well as people, right? Have you ever seen a rather large person? Yeah, you probably have – probably in a mirror too!  But jokes aside, I was watching Judge Judy the other night, this was after I decided life was just not worth living so decided to kill myself by watching “reality” TV unfortunately I was driven into a stupor so whilst I didn’t have the will to live I also didn’t have the will to do anything but eat Doritos, it was at this time I saw a woman who’s hindquarters were so large I’m still half convinced she was a centaur. I’m not sure what this means, I just hope it isn’t the next step in evolution.


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